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"Not sure how in the world this hostel managed to find the nicest people in the entire Lake District and hire them as staff. This place is nothing short of amazing. I've stayed in many hostels and hotels but I've never seen such nice and friendly staff. We stayed here for three nights and I was impressed by the staff's kindness and willingness to go out of their way to help us. The breakfast is delicious and the views from the dorms were unbelievable. The beds are comfy and cozy and the location is excellent as well. One of the best hostels I've ever stayed in!"

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Vikings began to settle in Borrowdale in the 10th century. You can still find many Scandinavian place names in the valley. These usually end in ‘thwaite’ meaning ‘clearing’, or ‘keld’ meaning ‘spring’. The Vikings are also said to have introduced Herdwick sheep to the valley. This hardy breed of sheep is able to live on the high fells throughout the year.

By exploring the place names and landscape features of Borrowdale, we can find evidence of what life was like during Viking times.

To help bring this history alive, you can be a Viking for a day on Derwent Water. You can sail a Viking-style Longboat, try on Viking clothes and armour, and learn about their settlements and daily lifestyle. We can also explore the different theories about Viking life, presented by different historians.

We will compare Viking life with that of today: for instance, are the Herdwick sheep farms and local markets using similar practices to the Vikings?

From the valley of Borrowdale we can explore our connections to other parts of the world: how have these changed throughout time? 

Sample activities

  • Spend a day as a Viking with Plattyplus (20 minute walk from the hostel)
  • Explore the textures of Viking times: use Herdwick wool to create felt pieces.
  • Write an advert for Viking ‘radio’, describing the farm produce.
  • Take sides! Be a Viking or a local, and present and discuss stories and opinions about the Viking settlement in Cumbria.
  • Use map work to investigate the influence of the Vikings on the landscape.
  • Investigate the farming methods introduced by the Vikings.
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